2/15/2024: Bear Paw Veterinary Service’s After Hours contact number has been changed. If you have a veterinary concern outside our normal business hours,  please dial our main phone line 406-265-8901 and choose option 2 to reach the doctor on call.

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Mobile Services

We can provide a wide variety of large animal services in the field with our fully equipped pickups, which include pregnancy checking, spaying heifers, bangs vaccinating, bull testing, uterine prolapses, down horses, down cows and other situations in which a cow or horse is not able to be brought in. Small animal mobile services include at home euthanasia, home bound clients, and clients having a large number of animals in their household.

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Large Animal

Bear Paw Veterinary Service is available to provide services to Cattle, Horses, and small ruminants.

The Advantages of Our Outstanding Large Animal Services:

Individually Tailored: Our veterinarians and support team are made up of seasoned professionals who know and understand large animal medicine and care.

Modern Facility and Mobile Equipments: Once inside our building, you’ll notice the difference. Our state-of-the-art facility is built to facilitate optimum movement of large animals. However, despite our use of cutting-edge technology, our unique selling point is our attention to detail.

Why Choose Bear Paw Veterinary Service for Your Large Animals?

The Rancher is Our Priority: Our veterinarians and support team are here to provide you with services that will bring you the most productivity. We want the rancher to thrive. Our veterinarians take the time to talk to ranchers to help solve problems. Our veterinarians provide written reports with recommendations.

Equine Services: Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides a clean, safe place for horses to enter. Our veterinarians know horses and are able to work with them in a calm atmosphere.

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