2/15/2024: Bear Paw Veterinary Service’s After Hours contact number has been changed. If you have a veterinary concern outside our normal business hours,  please dial our main phone line 406-265-8901 and choose option 2 to reach the doctor on call.

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Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides an array of Bovine services. Our goal is to work with the producer to maintain a productive herd.

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Herd Health Programs

Our Bovine Herd Health Programs go above and beyond the norm. Programs are developed individually to meet the production goals and herd health requirements of each herd. Our veterinarians and team consult with producers to provide them with what fits their herd.


Optimal Performance, Optimal Health:
Having a healthy cow herd is economically vital. Our cow herd health programs maximize the health of the cattle, which boosts output, promotes better weight growth, and aids in maintaining the operations of livestock.

Prevention Leads to Long-Lasting Change:
Our strategy is centered on prevention. Our services spot potential health problems before they get worse, which helps you save time and money. We’re protecting the long-term health of your herd by taking proactive measures to manage problems.

Customized Care, Customized Solutions:
The requirements of each rancher are different, and so are our solutions. We develop specialized cow herd health programs that consider the environment, breed, and size of your herd.

Vaccine Dispensing

At Bear Paw Veterinary Service, we focus on building relationships and providing education on the administration of the product dispensed. Veterinarians are happy to consult with ranchers on any questions they may have. Our knowledgeable team is also available to answer questions.

Vaginal Spaying

  • Contact the office about questions you may have on this service. Our Veterinarians and team are available to answer any questions you may have and can help you schedule this procedure.

Reproductive Services

  • Pregnancy checking via ultrasound

  • Bull Reproductive and Semen evaluation
  • Repro Track Scoring
  • Pregnancy diagnosis is an important part of the yearly cycle for cow-calf producers. We are equipped with ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis. This allows our veterinarians to accurately provide the gestational age of calves and also provide fetal sex identification.

  • Other: Calving Difficulties Calf illness

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