2/15/2024: Bear Paw Veterinary Service’s After Hours contact number has been changed. If you have a veterinary concern outside our normal business hours,  please dial our main phone line 406-265-8901 and choose option 2 to reach the doctor on call.

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Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides a variety of Equine services. If you don’t see a service listed, inquire, and we will let you know if our talented veterinarians are able to help you out.


Dental Balancing

A horse’s teeth grow throughout their lifetime; therefore, dental care is paramount for maintaining health in horses. Periodic balancing of teeth by one of our licensed veterinarians can help with the maintenance of appropriate body conditions, correct training issues, and support overall wellness.

Benefits of Dental Balancing

Dental balancing goes beyond standard dental care. Our veterinarians consider the performance the owner would like to gain. We specialize in performance horse dental balancing as well as general dental balancing for non-performance horses.

Sick Horse Care

Bear Paw Veterinary Service can provide medical management of many equine ailments such as colic and respiratory problems.

  • Tailored Treatment Plans: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our veterinarians create personalized care plans that consider your horse’s specific needs and your desired outcome as the owner.

  • Clear Communication: We understand that the unknown can be anxiety-inducing. We keep you informed at every step, empowering you to make the best decisions for your horse’s health.
  • Emotional Support: Sick Horse Care doesn’t just encompass physical health. We’re here to provide the emotional support you need during challenging times because your well-being matters, too.

Lameness Care at Bear Paw Veterinary Service

Many horses will suffer from lameness at some point of their lifetime. Our Veterinarians can perform a comprehensive lameness exam. The use of digital x-ray and ultrasound is available to aid in the determination as to the source of the lameness.

Bear Paw Veterinary Service is equipped with a state-of-the-art barn that is able to house horses that need to stay with us in order to receive treatments.

Discover the Advantages to Bear Paw Veterinary’s Dispensing Services:

The veterinarians carefully select products that have been proven to provide protection against the various diseases horses can contract. The clinic takes great pride in the quality control of our products ensuring they are stored properly.

Benefits of our Equine Dispensing Services

  • Comprehensive Protection: Our vaccines are carefully selected to shield your horse from a range of potential diseases, ensuring their longevity and vitality.
  • Personalized Dispensing: Our professional team will consult the client on what product they are purchasing, how to correctly use the product and any side effects that may occur.
  • Tailored Schedules: We work with you to create a vaccination schedule that aligns with your horse’s routine, providing optimal health without disruptions.

Additional Services

  • Advantages to Basic Equine Care: By providing a horse with basic vaccinating and deworming, an owner decreases the chance of having to treat their horse(s) in the future. This, in the long run saves the owner time and money.
  • Chiropractic Care: Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides Equine Chiropractic services.
  • General Surgery: We perform castrations, laceration management, and abcess care.
  • Regulatory: All of our doctors are accredited with the State of Montana to write equine health certificates (Both interstate and international) and perform coggins testing. Please plan ahead for performance traveling.
  • Exams: Our veterinarians perform wellness exams as well as prepurchase exams.
  • Reproduction: Ultrasound for mare breeding readiness and pregnancy verification is another one of the equine services we provide.

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