2/15/2024: Bear Paw Veterinary Service’s After Hours contact number has been changed. If you have a veterinary concern outside our normal business hours,  please dial our main phone line 406-265-8901 and choose option 2 to reach the doctor on call.

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Companion Animal

Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides preventative health care programs with the goal of providing our patients with the best recommendations to help them live a long healthy life. Annual checkups provide an opportunity to ensure your furry friend is healthy. Keeping our friends up to date on vaccines, deworming and other seasonal recommendations is important to their health.

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Small Animal Services We Offer


At Bear Paw Veterinary Service, we provide a wide range of services designed especially for tiny animals, including:

  • Wellness Examinations: Regular check-ups to keep your pet in the best of health.
  • Vaccinations: Essential vaccinations to protect against preventable diseases.
  • Dental Care: From cleanings to treatments, we keep those pearly whites shining.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Personalized dietary plans to keep your pet at their ideal weight.
  • Surgical Expertise: Skilled surgical interventions when needed, with a focus on safety.
  • Pain Management: Compassionate pain relief to enhance your pet’s comfort.
  • Emergency Care: We’re here for you and your pet during unexpected situations.
  • Senior Pet Care: Specialized care for your aging companions, promoting their quality of life.

Nutritional Counseling

We enable pets to thrive at Bear Paw Veterinary Service in Havre, Montana, where we provide more than simply medical care. Welcome to a facility where compassionate care and cutting-edge knowledge are combined, and your four-legged friends get more than just medical care—they get a personalized path to optimum wellness through our Nutritional Counseling.

The Secret of Nutritional Counseling:

Find out how our nutritional counseling service goes above and beyond to significantly impact your pet’s life:
Tailored to Perfection: Every pet has different dietary demands because every creature is different. Our specialists create individualized nutritional regimens tailored to your pet’s age, breed, health, and lifestyle to ensure they get the proper nutrition.

Longevity and Vitality: A long, healthy life is built on a foundation of proper nutrition. Your pet’s immune system, maintain good organ function, and encourage proper nutritional counseling, allowing them to spend more happy years at your side.

Sick Pet Care

At Bear Paw Veterinary Service, we offer a haven of compassion, knowledge, and individualized care. Our goal is to provide each pet with the best opportunity for healing, and we accomplish this by going above and beyond. Why Our Sick Pet Care Is Special is as follows:

  • Compassionate Expertise: Our team comprises not only skilled veterinarians but also a professional team of LVT’s and Assistants. We understand the deep bond you share with your pet, and we treat them with the same love and respect.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Havre’s most advanced veterinary facility, equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment tools, ensuring precise care tailored to your pet’s unique needs.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: No two pets are the same, and neither are their illnesses. We craft individualized treatment strategies that consider your pet’s medical history, personality, and the owner’s preferences.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe in clear communication every step of the way. You’ll be informed about your pet’s condition, treatment options, and progress – because you’re a crucial part of the care team.
  • Emotional Support: We know how emotionally challenging it can be when your beloved companion is unwell. We’re here not just for your pet but for you, too, offering guidance and reassurance.
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Benefits of Our Sick Pet Care Service

  • Faster Recovery: Our expert care and timely interventions aim to speed up the recovery process, getting your pet back to their happy, healthy self sooner.
  • Reduced Stress: We create a calm and soothing environment, minimizing stress for both pets and their owners during what can be a trying time.
  • Long-Term Wellness: Beyond immediate treatment, we focus on preventive strategies and long-term wellness plans, ensuring a healthier future for your furry friend.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your pet is receiving the highest level of care possible provides unparalleled peace of mind during difficult times.
  • Dental Care: Bear Paw Veterinary Service provides recommendations on dental care for our patients. The clinic is equipped with an ultrasonic scaler, polisher and dental x-ray. Our goal is for our patients to be able to maintain their teeth. This is accomplished by early dental cleanings.


  • Orthopedic surgery: Our veterinarians are skilled in performing a wide range of orthopedic surgeries including–Cranial Cruciate Ligament(CCL) repair, fracture pinning, femoral head osteotomy, and patellar groove deepening.
  • Soft Tissue Surgery: The veterinarians at Bear Paw Veterinary Service are proficient at lump removals and laceration repairs, as well as a variety of other soft tissue surgeries. As a pet owner, you look for a companion who understands your passion more than a veterinary hospital. Bear Paw Veterinary Service is more than just a clinic; it’s where compassion flourishes and hope is rekindled. We are committed to soft tissue surgery because we understand that every pet is a beloved member of the family who deserves the most excellent treatment. Don’t settle for the usual when your beloved pet requires Soft Tissue Surgery; instead, embrace the extraordinary with Bear Paw Veterinary Service. Together, let’s reinvent the story of perseverance.

Our veterinarians can provide a wide range of surgical procedures for your pet. With our in-house laboratory, surgical monitoring equipment, and trained staff, we can provide the utmost care for your pet if surgery is needed.


We strive for the highest quality of care for our spay and neuter pets. Our surgical patients receive a thorough exam and bloodwork before their procedure. Our trained staff provides surgical monitoring throughout the procedure. All pets are sent home with pain management following their procedure and detailed post-surgical instructions.

In-House Pharmacy

Our in-house and online pet pharmacies can provide all your medication and pet food needs. Through our online pharmacy you can get your medications and pet foods delivered directly to your doorstep.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an essential component for care following orthopedic injuries or procedures in pets. With trained technicians, we can formulate a physical therapy plan for your pet to maximize their recovery.

Laser Therapy

With our available cold laser therapy, we can supplement treatment for a variety of your pet’s ailments. Cold laser can be beneficial when used on anything from arthritis to large wound management. Ask about it at your next visit to see if it is an option for your pet.

In-House Diagnostic

Having in-house diagnostic testing means we can have diagnostic information available for you the same day you bring your pet in. The clinic is equipped with many diagnostic tools including ultrasound, x-ray, and endoscopy. We can provide in-house urinalysis, blood chemistry, complete blood counts, thyroid testing, phenobarbital levels, and pancreatic lipase testing. We also have in-house testing for several infectious diseases, including heartworm, feline Leukemia/feline immunodeficiency virus, and canine parvovirus.

In-Home Euthanasia

To ease some of the stress surrounding the euthanasia process, we can provide compassionate in home euthanasia services to the Havre area.

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